Marketing for Higher Ed

Marketing for Higher Ed

by sduncan

Higher ed marketing is at the intersection of marketing, tech and post secondary education


Scott Duncan & Associates provides higher ed marketing and consulting services. We help your organization develop, market and sell your programs, products, and services in the post-secondary education marketplace.

Our clients range broadly from a wide spectrum of the higher education industry, including educational institutions, OPMs, publishers, technology, and e-learning companies. We have experience with all levels of the market, from tech startups, SMEs, non-profits, marketing services agencies, multi-national corporations, colleges and universities to government departments.

Scott Duncan & Associates offers a full range of services, focused on four key areas:

  • Higher Ed Digital Marketing

    We will help you plan, develop and manage your digital marketing and build marketing pathways to meet your business goals.

  • Branding, Design and Production Services

    We provide a broad range of marketing services and consulting. These including creative and production services, maintenance and project-based or on-demand marketing support. All to help you manage and implement your higher ed marketing plans. This includes strategic planning, branding, web creation, digital marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, advertising, and communications.

  • Higher Ed Business Development

    We can help you plan and manage your strategic business development activities. This may include strategic alliances, customer partnerships, distribution options and channel development programs for your learning programs, products and services.

  • Market Research and Planning

    We provide market research and planning to help you thrive in the higher education marketplace, understand its opportunities, your competition, your customers and general education market conditions.

We have over thirty years of marketing and management experience. It spans post-secondary educational publishing, educational software, e-learning and college and university recruitment marketing. Scott Duncan & Associates is uniquely prepared to apply its marketing skills, business experience and technical knowledge to meet your company’s unique marketing challenges in the higher ed marketplace.

Contact us at 1-416-418-7476, or email, to discuss how we can help you deliver your higher ed marketing.