Online Higher Education   Strategy, Business Development & Recruitment Marketing

Online Higher Education   Strategy, Business Development & Recruitment Marketing

by sduncan

SDA is a strategy, marketing, and management advisor for online higher education specializing in strategy, marketing planning, and management consulting.

I help online higher ed managers increase enrolment and drive revenue by creating high-performance marketing and recruitment strategy and solutions.xx   

Through Scott Duncan & Associates, (SDA), I work with higher ed management and marketing teams as a consultant/advisor/freelancer to help you leverage new opportunities, improve infrastructure and operations, and increase student enrolment and revenue.

My expertise is in strategy, marketing planning, digital marketing, business development, online program management, and student recruitment for professional, continuing ed, and online learning.

I can assist in many possible ways. For example, you may need a senior-level problem solver to handle a tough project that should have been done yesterday. Or maybe you need a fresh set of eyes and advice on a program, process, or recruitment issue that you just can seem to resolve. Or maybe you have just been handed new revenue goals and you know you need help defining and developing an effective plan to realize them.

If you need outside help with a tough online learning business challenge, let’s talk, and see if there is a good fit for us to work together.

SDA works with, or within your team and provides consulting and services on strategy, management, digital marketing, and recruitment for online higher education :


Strategy and Plans

Good strategy, business plans, and implementation are hard to craft and even harder to execute. I can help. We can:

  • design new strategy to meet new business opportunity
  • unlock your competitive advantage
  • differentiate your positioning
  • evolve and refine your brand
  • help develop plans – strategic, SEMM, departmental, marketing, and/or program 
  • support realignment and strategy execution

Our knowledge, experience and deep market insight can help you create better strategy, better plans and more effectively implement and realize your mission, values and business objectives.

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Structure and Process

Developing your infrastructure to meet the needs of an expanding range of online programs is complicated and difficult. We can look into your operations and people, see the gaps, and know how to fill them. I can:

  • audit and recommend improvements to your existing operations
  • benchmark KPIs to identify strengths, weaknesses, and greatest opportunities.
  • provide new management perspectives on administration, operations, marketing, recruitment, and student support
  • develop advisor procedures, training, tracking, and sales management systems.
  • better leverage your department resources and staff

We are very cost-effective and work faster than most larger organizations. Let us help you improve your operations, scale up your programs for growth, and help you increase your program’s value to students.

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Market and Recruit

Marketing experience, through success and failure, has taught me how to effectively market online higher ed and cost-effectively recruit students. I can:

  • improve on your current prospective student experience 
  • ignite demand and lead generation
  • Refine your website design, structure, and content
  • refine your SEO, content marketing, social media, PPC, events, and email tactics 
  • help you engage, track, and convert more students

Our approach will challenge your status quo, improve operational efficiency and create a new sales trajectory for your programs.

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“Scott has provided consulting services for many years to GBC’s
Centre for Continuous Learning and played a significant role in
the success of our online technical training programs.

His innovative approach to online marketing is a great blend of the latest in digital marketing and social media, built on market research and analytics and extensive experience in the field of higher education.”

Dr. Colin Simpson, Dean,
Centre for Continuous Learning,
George Brown College
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Contact us at 1-416-418-7476, or email, to discuss your online #highered marketing needs.