About Scott Duncan

About Scott Duncan

by sduncan

I established Scott Duncan & Associates as a higher education marketing consultancy in 1991.

Online Program Development, Marketing, and Management

In recent years, my consulting work has focused on online program development, management, digital marketing strategy, student recruitment, and support services for online higher education. I have studied, trained, and practiced in the evolving field of digital marketing, and have worked extensively in web development, search engine optimization, PPC, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing, generally for the purposes of college student recruitment.

Higher Education Market Expertise

SDA provides customized consulting services to organizations in the business of higher education. I have over thirty-five years of direct experience in strategy, marketing, management, sales, product development, and business development of higher education organizations, programs, products and institutions.

My experience includes a wide range of content, curriculum, technology and service-oriented products and services.

Sales, Marketing, Product & Management Experience
in College Publishing

Early in my career, I worked in the educational publishing industry through roles of increasing responsibility. These positions included sales representative, sales manager, marketing manager, editor, editorial director, and publisher at a large multinational, college publisher in Toronto, Canada. I acquired, produced, marketed, and sold a wide range of post-secondary textbooks and their ancillary packages. It was in college publishing, that I had my first opportunity to work with and produce educational curriculum, and technology-based learning resources including textbooks, student learning resources, instructor teaching resources, and software-based learning products.

Marketing and Comms for Educational Software

Following that period, I worked in a number of full-time and consulting roles, generally focused on the development, marketing and sales of educational media and software-based products.

I took on the role of director of marketing and communications at a public sector organization created to encourage and facilitate the use of “new media” in education and training across Ontario. During those early days of the emerging “new media” education sector, this not-for-profit focused on building up the sector through industry partnerships, education and collaboration through innovative pilot projects.

Next, as the director of marketing at a privately-held educational software company, I focused on direct marketing, branding, business development, and sales to leverage this mid-sized company’s family of educational and commercial software products to growth.

Digital Marketing Consultant for Higher Ed Recruitment

As a consultant and freelancer, I have had broad experience in ed-tech product development, marketing and project management. I have worked with startups, large and small privates, as well as with educational institutions at the board, institution, ministry, and federal government agency levels.

This focus has also led me to extensive experience as an online program management consultant, inside an Ontario community college, working on a group of online technical training programs.

I operate as a solo entrepreneur, with colleagues and associate companies introduced into projects as needed, based on project, resource, and scheduling requirements. 

On a Personal Note

I live in Pickering, Ontario, just outside of Toronto, with my family. I have a very fast internet connection, and work well, remotely, with clients in any location. When not out walking our dog, Burt, I can be reached in the usual online places.

I’d love the opportunity to speak with you about your online higher education business and marketing challenges.

I look forward to connecting.


Scott Duncan