Marketing Design & Production Services

Marketing Design & Production Services

by sduncan

SDA provides full service branding, marketing design and production services. We do this directly or with the help of our trusted associates, based on project requirements. We can help you produce all types of media, collateral or campaigns, customized to your digital marketing requirements.  Through our associates we bring experienced pros to the table. We will manage your project seamlessly from one point of contact. Our experience includes all major non-digital, traditional media formats including print, tv, radio, etc. We’re happy to take on large projects and manage them for you. Or we can simply provide supplementary freelance services and support your higher ed marketing team as needed.


SDA can help you at any stage of your brand’s evolution. If you are a higher ed startup just establishing your brand or are a major college extending or revising your institutional brands, Scott Duncan and Associates will provide customized services to meet your needs.

General Marketing Design and Production Services

We have design and production experience across of all types of digital and traditional creative for sales, marketing and promotional campaigns. We can help you design and deliver from scratch or we can pick up your lead and extend the life of existing marketing creative and campaigns.

Website Design and Production

SDA has extensive experience designing, developing and managing higher ed websites and online learning programs. We’ve built front end marketing and lead generation sites as well as complex back-end administrative services. From simple brochure sites to online student registration systems, we can help you to build a solution to meet your needs.

Marketing Collateral

At one time or another over our years of experience, we have likely created every type of higher education marketing collateral imaginable. We will help you design and produce your product brochures, product demos, and promotional items.

Contact SDA and find out how we can help you develop your brand, or design and produce your marketing.