Business Development Services

Business Development Services

by sduncan

Your organization’s business development priorities are determined by many factors, including your current position in the higher education market, your growth plans and your current resources. Scott Duncan & Associates will assist you to determine your optimal business development strategies for the college and university marketplace and work with you to put them into action.

Product and Program Development

SDA will help you develop or acquire new higher ed products or programs, to expand your customer and revenue base.

North American Distribution Channels

SDA will help you determine the most appropriate distribution options for your education products and or services and identify VAR, reseller and OEM partners.

International Distribution Channels

SDA will help you develop a new or expanded international distribution program, identify and recruit partners and set up programs to manage their performance.

Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

Close relationships with other companies can be very productive if entered into with appropriate goals and expectations, proactive relationship building and measurable outcomes. Or they can become disasters. SDA can help you find the right balance for the highest productivity and output.

University and College Programs

A program that introduces your professional level products or services to students and faculty in the post secondary educational market can quite effectively position you as the up-and-coming standard in your field. SDA can help you evaluate this strategy and, if appropriate, develop and launch your university or college program.

To find out more about SDA’s business development services, please contact us directly. We will conduct a confidential project review and we will provide you with a detailed project proposal for your consideration.