Market Research & Planning Services

Market Research & Planning Services

by sduncan

Creating a successful higher education business requires that time and energy be invested in market research to understand the industry and to take advantage of the opportunities that it presents. Our consultants will develop, refine or extend your business plans to provide a sophisticated and practical resource for the professional management of your organization and its activities. Scott Duncan & Associates can help you capture this critical knowledge with our market research and planning services. We will conduct or refine your core research and planning or expand it into previously unexplored aspects of your market.

General market research

We will quantify your target markets and break down the competitive landscape.  We will collect and analyze curriculum guidelines, research technology adoption rates, analyze market trends and related data.

Product research

We will complete competitive product reviews and profiles. We will gather specifications, define branding, name development and produce competitive and research-based white papers and reports.

Distribution channels

We will help you research and identify potential resellers, VARs, and OEM distribution partners for North American and international sales.

Your business, marketing, and product plans form the blueprint for your higher education company’s growth and future success.

Strategic Planning 

Our services include general business reviews and planning including strategic planning, operating plans, organizational plans, feasibility studies, and financial planning.

Marketing Planning

We will help you develop and refine your marketing and sales objectives, branding, strategies, and tactics for all marketing channels across your mix.

Product Planning

We can assist you to better define your target market, conduct competitive product reviews, develop your software business model, define product functionality, develop the instructional design, and prepare product specifications.

Please contact us directly to find out more about how SDA can help you through our market research and planning services. We will provide a confidential project review and offer a detailed project proposal for your consideration.