by sduncan

SDA Advisory Services within our Strategic Marketing and Management Process

We offer a variety of SDA advisory services, including:

Strategy/Advisory Call

A strategy/advisory call is often valuable to a college and university manager who is seeking online learning market insight, competitive context, operational best practices or recommendations on digital marketing strategy and tactics for online learning. We’d have a 1–2 hour call to discuss your  program/department/ operational/institutional challenges. This call would be based on your pre-submitted material or questions and an initial review of your website. If other SDA advisory services are arranged the strategy/advisory call fee is deducted from their cost.
Timeline: 1-2 hours, Cost: $500

Online Program Business Review

We will review and assess a new or existing program, examining your program performance, strategy, positioning, competition, value proposition, pricing, website, recruitment strategy, support infrastructure, and digital marketing. Following that, we would provide you with actionable recommendations on how to improve overall program performance, provide increased value to students, and grow your business.
Timeline: 1 month, Cost $4000 

Departmental Operations Review

We will review and assess your online learning department’s business operations, looking at management, staffing, marketing, business development, recruitment infrastructure, support, and operations. We’ll collect key performance indicators across your program structure, financials, market research, marketing, and recruitment operations, student outcomes and management and contrast them with best practices. And finally, we will review, and align our findings with your strategic, business, and marketing plans and provide recommendations to better position you to meet your strategic objectives and grow your business.
Timeline: 2 months, Cost: $TBD

Institutional Strategy and Planning Review

We will review and assess your institution’s business strategy and plans with respect to your online learning initiatives, (Academic/Strategic/SEMM/Departmental/Business and Marketing plans). Results would include helping you better address emerging opportunities, assign and align appropriate resources, maintain a human-centered focus, facilitate effective and timely plan execution, and produce financial growth.
Timeline: TBD, Cost: $TBD

Custom Projects

We also take on custom projects involving online learning program strategy, development, management, marketing, and recruitment. Availability for custom projects is dependent on the availability of required project time and related resources. Please call to discuss your specific requirements with us.
Time Frame: TBD (usually 3 months or less), Cost: TBD

Please contact us at 1-416-418-7476, or email, to discuss your online #highered needs.