SDA Clients

SDA Clients

by sduncan

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Scott Duncan & Associates has conducted marketing projects, managed product development and consulted across the wide scope of our described services, primarily in the post-secondary education and training marketplace.

Our higher education clients have ranged from colleges and universities, edtech startups to multinational publishers, software developers and hardware manufacturers, to not-for-profit consortia and government institutions.

They include:

* George Brown College
* Higher Education Marketing
* New Brunswick Community College/Collège communautaire de Nouveau-Brunswick
* Vretta Inc.| Cloud Learning
* AME Learning Inc.
* Logic Design Inc.
* The Yorkville School of Makeup and Esthetics
* Irwin Publishing
* Chenelier McGraw-Hill
* Knowledge Connection Corporation
* Independent Learning Centre
* The University of Toronto

To find out more about our history and portfolio, please contact Scott Duncan.