Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

by sduncan

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SDA provides higher education marketing solutions:

SDA is a higher education marketing strategy and solutions specialist. We integrate higher ed market knowledge, technical marketing expertise, higher education management experience and an unparalleled commitment to customer service.

We offer:

  • Deep market insight into the higher education sector

    SDA combines deep market insight with high-impact services to produce a market-ready, competitive advantage. Scott Duncan & Associates has 35 years of marketing and management experience in the higher education sector. We have direct and/or consulting experience in multinational publishing, educational software, e-learning, industry non-profit, start-up, marketing agency, post-secondary institutions and ministry-level organizations. We have developed, marketed and sold products and services to all levels of the market. We have worked with and sold to students, faculty, higher ed management, post-secondary institutions and ministries of education.

  • Expertise in traditional and digital marketing

    Our marketing expertise comes from training, curiosity, practice, and an unrelenting drive to improve on results. We have built and managed web ecosystems that optimize the customer experience and rank at the top of Google search. We have managed million-dollar marketing budgets that drive leads and student registrations. We have seen the highs and lows of marketing ROI, from email to PPC to social. We have learned what works, what not to do, and to always keep an eye out for the next great channel opportunity. Inbound marketing, driven by content, testing and conversion optimization and organized by marketing automation form the cornerstones of our higher education marketing strategy and solutions.

  • Trusted and dependable advice and support

    Do you have a marketing project that needs to get done that you never seem to get to? Have you hired consultants or freelancers in the past that turn out to be more work to manage than if you simply did it yourself? SDA is an experienced higher education consultant that understands your market, knows what questions to ask, can work independently and get the work done on time and on budget.

  • Augment your team with the knowledge and experience of a senior-level online learning executive

    Marketing is one of the most challenging and rapidly evolving of all business functions. Your organization requires the knowledge, performance and accountability of focused, senior-level marketing managers to guide its growth. If you need marketing strategy or management resources or simply want to bring a fresh set of outside eyes to a problem, consider SDA as a project-based or advisory solution to fill these needs. We excel at marketing strategy, planning, management and implementation. SDA can augment the capabilities of your existing team and help drive your higher education market success.

Scott Duncan & Associates is uniquely prepared to apply its skills, experience and technical knowledge to address your school’s unique challenges in the higher ed marketplace.

Contact us at 1-416-418-7476, orĀ email, to find out more about us and to discuss how we can assist you with your online learning business challenges.